RXA is a tech consulting, mobile and web application development company rooted in the Midwest. We create business-led, technology-enabled solutions built upon a foundation of strategy and the analysis of facts. We don’t make assumptions. We ask the tough questions to identify the root business challenge or opportunity and we don’t just build whatever comes our way. The first step is to hand-pick only the best projects and then no matter how good the idea sounds or how confident our client is, we put the proposed solution through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and streamlining the idea along the way. Only then, are we ready to start designing and building the concept.

Once we all agree on a general direction, RXA’s team fleshes out all the details. One of the great benefits of this process is that minutes in strategy translate to an hour in wireframing, a few hours in design, and days or even weeks in development.

We’re not just building Candy Crush like games here. We’re building tailored solutions to solve complex problems for enterprise clients. We’re the development arm of the next Uber or Snapchat. We strive to make a difference in our client’s business, their lives, and our community. We are RXA.

What we value

We’ve assembled a team of product whizzes, design masters, and development geniuses. Rooted in the Midwest RXA fully embodies the core values of the midwest, work ethic, integrity, and helping others.

Bottom line: We mix the appropriate strategic thinking and technology in one place to propel your company forward.

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Our Community

Not just a mobile application development company. We strongly care about our community with a focus on promoting and supporting entrepreneurship.

Our support ranges from our team volunteering at local non profits to company founders being on the board of entrepreneurship focused organizations to traveling across states to talk to kids about entrepreneurship.

Base 3

With our love for entrepreneurship RXA along with other great sponsors host and organize a one night speaking event called Base 3. RXA hand picks three speakers from across the country to come to Base 3 and speak about the event’s focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and community building.

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Sean Richardson

Co Founder

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Co Founder

Dexter Lambie


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