Web App Development

We’re not your run of the mill web development company. We don’t build basic websites. We build web applications that serve a purpose beyond just getting information. Our web applications use advance techniques and cutting edge technology to build scalable and effective web applications that solve real world problems.

Mobile App Development

The world is mobile. Mobile phones have revolutionized the world and the lines between the internet and the physical world are closer than ever. RXA is on the cutting edge of mobile technology including Apple Pay, Google Glass, and iBeacons. We’re forward thinking thought leaders within the world of mobile in combining separate forms of technology to create one of a kind business-led, mobile-enabled solutions.

Cloud Hosting

Our knowledge with specific frameworks and cloud hosting providers enables us to build highly scalable and dynamic mobile and web applications that create real world monetary value for our startup and enterprise clientele.

App Marketing

The business opportunity could be there. Your application may solve a large and real problem that many users are willing to pay top dollar to get solved. You may have great features and functions that get the job done, but if no one ever hears about, uses, or finds your app among the millions on the app stores then every dollar, thought, and moment spent in creating the killer application has been wasted. You may of spent X amount of dollars to create an app, but a mobile application without users is worthless. Let RXA’s team use their expertise and knowledge in user acquisition to get your killer app millions of users and not let your development dollars go to waste.

App Design

The design of an app can make or break a mobile application before a line of code is written. The user’s experience with the application can quickly determine if the app is one that gets put on the user’s home screen, is used daily, monthly, or uninstalled after one use. We take user experience and user interaction very seriously at RXA. The design strategy is critical in creating app store chart topping successes.

Advanced SEO

The #1 traffic source are search engines. A website and/or web application that drives mobile app installs is a valuable asset to any user acquisition strategy. Search engines are the #1 traffic source for user acquisition for web applications. RXA’s team has a vast knowledge about advance SEO tactics and strategies to raise you in the ranks. Execution of an SEO plan can drastically help in the promotion of your new mobile and/or web application.

Don’t have an app but need search engine optimization work? Contact us and we’ll let you know what we can do to help you.

Our Process

Idea and Strategy

We don’t waste time, our process starts with a meeting, a brain dump, and a strategy session. We ask the difficult questions that find that root problem or opportunity. Through this process we fine tune the idea or solution until it’s the best it can be.

Design and Approve

Next up we mock up a few designs so you can see the proposed look and feel of your new solution. You wouldn’t buy a car before seeing it first, and we don’t expect you to buy before you see some design. Design is about enabling ideas, processes and products: making them approachable, usable, desirable and memorable. The design your users interact with is everything. We meticulously design the look, feel, and use of every system or product we create. We create and propose designs to you before development begins every step of the way and if at any time you want something changed, we can make it happen.

Development and Testing

Only after you have approved our strategy-led designs do we begin development. We combine the best of mobile and web technologies to create forward thinking products and to solve enterprise level problems. We use the best coding standards, most advanced procedures and we cleanly document every line of code. We critically test and test again to ensure big and small bugs are crushed. We do independent testing ourselves and we send you every build to test yourself and ensure your getting what you want and get more than what you pay for.


Build it and they will come doesnt hold true. Creating innovative, cost saving, more efficient and more productive solutions only are valuable if people use them. Our development team says clean code is most important but the marketing team says user acquisition is the most important. But us, the writing team, think it’s both, but we’re leaning to the marketing side. If no one is using your product, what good is it? We think you get what you pay for. So, spend for development, but spend more for marketing.

Whether you have the next big idea or have a complex business problem, we can help. GET IN TOUCH